Below are a few examples of ePortfolios created by Geography students at UBC.

  • Christa Yeung is a Geography major and member of the Arts Co-op program. She shared her GIS and cartography assignments on her ePortfolio, and used it to get a job that uses her GIS skills. Christa is also the winner of the 2016/17 Arts Student ePortfolio of the Year competition:
  • Sayna Sadeghi is an undergraduate student specializing in Environment and Sustainability with a minor in Commerce. She uses her ePortfolio to share GIS projects and other writing assignments:
  • Cherry Chen, an undergraduate student also studying Environment and Sustainability uses her ePortfolio to showcase her GIS and cartography projects:
  • John Mozo is a Master’s student in the School of Community and Regional Planning, specializing in Urban Design. His ePortfolio includes GIS examples and written analyses:
  • Matt Wagstaf is a Masters student in the Occupational and Environmental Hygiene program. Check out the many GIS projects he’s worked on here: