Add an Image or Media

To add an image or other other media file to your ePortfolio, you must first add it to your Media Library before then placing it in the page or post of your choice.

1. Go to your Dashboard, and click on “Media” in the left-side column. Click “Add New.”

2. The first page asks you to declare whether you have copyright over the image, or permission of the owner to post it. You can read the Copyright Guide for more details.

In essence, you should treat your ePortfolio like you would any other academic work by only including your own content: your own photographs or artwork, your own videos, your own music, and so on. Do not assume that a work is in the Public Domain simply because you found it online!

There are certain instances in which attributing the work to its owner will be sufficient, but, ultimately, since your ePortfolio is about sharing your skills and your work with the world, the best way to set on the correct side of Copyright law is to include only the contentthat you yourself created.

3. Select one of the Copyright options from the list, and then click “Select Files” to choose a file from your computer, or directly drag your file into this window.

4. Click “Upload”. You have now added this image or other media file to your ePortfolio’s Media Library, and so can now add it to a page or post.

5. Go to the editing page of the page or post to which you’d like to add your file.

6. Click “Add Media” near the top, and then click “Media Library”. Select your item.

7. You may change the settings on the right for media captions or display settings.

8. Click “Insert” and then click “Update” to save.