Customize Your ePortfolio: Themes and More

If you have used the ePortfolio template, one of the quickest and easiest ways to change the look of your site is by changing its WordPress theme. Different themes may have the banner image across the top of the page, rather than on the left; they may place your navigation menu across the top or along the right-hand side of the page; they may have different numbers or placement of image and text. The default theme for the ePortfolio template is called “Twenty Fifteen”. Some examples of other themes available are shown below.

sunspot-theme Sunspot Theme
suits-theme Suits Theme
serene-theme Serene Theme
flounder-theme Flounder Theme

When choosing a theme, note that only themes that are responsive look good on both desktop or laptop computers and tablets or cell phones.

To change your theme:

  1. Go to your dashboard. Under “Appearance”, choose “Themes.”
  2. Choose from the available themes one that appeals to you.
  3. Cross reference the UBC Blogs list of available WordPress themes to ensure that you have chosen one that is responsive.
  4. Select “live preview” to get a sense of what your redesigned ePortfolio will look like.
  5. Select “activate” and then “customize” to change your ePortfolio theme.

Changing your theme is only one of many ways you can personalize your ePortfolio. You can also add accordions, anchors (or jumplinks), and widgets to your site to improve its organization and functionality. Alternatively, if you choose not to use the ePortfolio template, you can also create your own site from scratch.