What is an ePortfolio?


An ePortfolio is a platform for publicly sharing your work. Using an ePortfolio, you can establish connections between your academic work and your activities outside of the classroom–from Co-op placements and Internships to Community Engaged Learning, International Experiences, volunteer work, and so on. By publishing your ePortfolio online, you can share your skills and knowledge with your family, your friends and classmates, your present and future professors, and your potential employers.

Your ePortfolio will help you to make connections across the 40+ courses you take as you progress in your degree, will allow you to track your intellectual development as you compare your work from one year to the next, and, ultimately, will enable you to better communicate what and how you have learned at UBC. Your ePortfolio is a website that you can keep for the entirety of your studies, allowing you to craft the story of your intellectual journey; after your degree, you can export its content to your own webpage.

This website has three main sections: